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A continuación se incluyen algunas de las recomendaciones recibidas por Ignacio de Pablo en alguno de sus perfiles públicos (especialmente Linkedin), enviadas por clientes, proveedores, compañeros y miembros del equipo que dirigió. Se mantiene el idioma original en el que
se escribieron.

“En los años que hemos trabajado como cliente y proveedor principal de servicios de localización hemos tenido una relación profesional, clara, correcta y sin ambages; los servicios proporcionados han sido de calidad y la atención personalizada del equipo de producción dirigido por Ignacio de Pablo en Lionbridge ha sido excelente y la relación fructífera para ambas partes”

Enrique Villar de Zuloaga,
Responsable de traducción del grupo Iberdrola

 ”Mi empresa lleva trabajando desde hace 7 años con la empresa LionBrigde, donde Ignacio de Pablo era el Director de Producción. Las relaciones profesionales con Ignacio han sido impecables no solo en la calidad de los trabajos entregados sino en el cumplimiento de los plazos establecidos. Ignacio permite establecer una relación cordial con el proveedor, que ayuda a superar situaciones difíciles que se plantean en los distintos proyectos. Realiza una magnifica coordinación de equipos que hace que el trabajo sea 100% satisfactorio.”

Maite López Divasson, Directora de Operaciones de Segittur

 ”I fully recommend the services of Ignacio de Pablo. Ignacio has been working for us during the past three years as Manager of the translation projects production at LIONBRIDGE. His knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping our projects on track even during the most demanding moments. I feel confident in recommending Ignacio’s management services. He is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to attend our concerns and respond to questions. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.”

 Eduardo Moral, Product Support Manager at Gamesa

 “Ignacio was key in developing Lexitrans from a small translations-only company to a full fledged group of companies involved in software localization, internet & multimedia development, etc. He is devoted, pays painstaking attention to detail and can handle teams and projects in a very smooth yet precise way.”

 Javier García, Fundador de LexiTrans

 “Ignacio is a dedicated, hard working localisation professional, with a much focused customer service ethos. He is able to listen to project requirements, and motivate his team to ensure the projects are delivered too and above customer expectations, while working under tight constrains. Ignacio supported Lionbridge efforts to drive and deliver customer service and growth to our expanding customer base, and would be an asset to any production team”

Roberto Sastre, VicePresidente de Ventas Europa Occidental, Lionbridge Technologies

 “He trabajado con Ignacio durante 10 años en la misma empresa. Los últimos 3 años he trabajado más directamente con él, yo en la rama comercial y él gestionando la producción de los clientes en España. Me gustaría destacar su enorme energía, capacidad de trabajo, cultura al cliente y enfoque empresarial. Ha gestionado con plena satisfacción un crecimiento superior al 100% de la capacidad de producción, obteniendo un alto grado de satisfacción de los clientes. En el aspecto personal tiene un gran sentido común, sentido del humor y carácter abierto. Ha sido un placer trabajar con él.”

David Granados, Director Comercial de Lionbridge España

 “I worked with Ignacio from the French Lionbridge office but I had to work closely to the Spanish office through my activities. He was the key person for the impressive growth of its business unit. He’s easy to work with knowing how to motivate his staff and h’s really driven by the customer satisfaction. He is always thinking on the best for the company and his economic figures are excellent.”

Joël Ali, Director Comercial de WhP

 “Ignacio is a detailed oriented manager without losing the focus of global and strategic objective. It was great to work with Ignacio as he had always time to listen actively in order to provide the best solution to our clients”

Valerie Duplat, Business Development Director en Lionbridge Technologies

 “I worked as a vendor in several projects for clients in the Business Unit managed by Nacho. He always provided the necessary support to attain the project goals both from the financial perspective as well as from the operations side of the business. I must thank him for his commitment in the experiences we shared”

Jordi García, Independent Language Consultant

 “We have worked with Ignacio as a vendor providing DTP services, and have always found him very responsive and understanding”

 Dhiraj Aggarwal, Owner DTP Labs

 “I have been a colleague of Ignacio for many years. He has always strived for achieving customer satisfaction and he has never saved any effort in order to help the company to accomplish their goals. He is particularly focused on the financial side and consistently pays attention to achieving profitability in the works managed by him.”

 Juan Giménez, Business Unit Manager en Lionbridge España

 “Nacho and myself spent 4 years working together increasing local sales and driving multiple business to success. From Nacho, I must highlight his professionalism, dedication, commitment and willingness. Hope our paths will join again the future.”

Marcos Mora, Solutions Architect en Lionbridge International

 “I have worked with Ignacio de Pablo for about 10 years. He has a deep knowledge of the financial and high technical background. I worked with him on multiple complex localization projects. This skills makes him able to manage properly and effectively any localization project. Definitly, a very valuable asset for any company”

Achraf Oumghar, CAT Manager & Site Expert en Lionbridge Technologies

 “I have worked with Ignacio de Pablo for several years, first as colleagues, then reporting to him. He is a precise and demanding manager, with a deep knowledge of both the financial and technical aspects of complex localization projects. He provides solid and prompt support to the teams he manages, and has a keen eye on business trends and needs.
His ability for risk and contingency management is outstanding, same as the way he understands, customizes and propagates all the corporate procedures and policies that operations must comply with. In all, a very valuable asset for any company”

José Manuel Ladero, Jefe de Proyecto en Lionbridge España